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Whether you’ve been researching your family history for years or if you’re just getting started, Sort Your Story is an essential filing system for keeping your records organized and all in one place.

  • Sort Your Story features easy-to-use drag and drop functionality for placing your scanned documents and photos into the program. Plus, you can enter customized text for building an even more personalized picture of your family‚Äôs history.

  • The attractive graphics and easy-to-understand instructions and categories make effortless work of creating searchable files for each of your family members.

  • Sort Your Story is the first step in creating profiles on your ancestors to instantly spot trends or missing data.

  • Sort Your Story provides the perfect format for submitting your family history to online ancestry sites, self publishers and more.

  • View free video tutorials at to get started organizing and de-cluttering your valuable information today.

Sort Your Story is available for download right now, so you can get started on building a clear and accurate picture of your family history.